Geographic Migration

"We are looking for cooperation with academic partners, state institutions, as well as non-governmental organizations in the fields of international and internal migration and migrant integration."


We can offer our expertise in analysing migration and integration processes at different geographical levels, in policy-making and in training.

- Provide expert counselling to state and local authorities on migration/integration policy at various territorial levels

- Help solve problems in the field of the integration of foreigners

- Forecast population processes

- Inform governance aimed at preventing households from the impact of climate extremes

- Inform governance helping the adaptation of house-holds to climate change

- Education, training and writing of manuals and working materials on topics dealing with international migration and the integration of foreigners

Know-how & Technologies

Migration and Integration of Migrants

- International migration

- Integration of migrants into the Czech majority society with an emphasis on post-Soviet and Vietnamese migrants

- Studies and analyses of the development of Czech migration policy

- Internal migration of the population of Czechia, international migration of Czech citizens, and other forms of population mobility

- Remittances and development

- Environmental migration

- Migrants’ health

- Irregular migration and irregular economic activities of migrants

"Our mission is to apply our multidisciplinary skills to studying, explaining and educating about international and internal migration processes in Czechia and elsewhere, with the aim of enhancing the quality of the public and political debate on migratory issues in Czechia.

And to apply the theoretical and conceptual knowledge to “practice”, to assist governmental officials when dealing with migratory or integration issues.“

Content of Research

For over a decade, GEOMIGRACE has been focusing on the research of international migration and the integration of migrants in Central/Eastern Europe with a special regard to Czechia and post-Soviet and Vietnamese migrants. Recently, questions of migration and development, the internal mobility of migrants in Czechia, environmental migration, migrants’ health status and access to healthcare, and the international migration of Czechs have become important parts of our research focus.

Besides monitoring, members of the centre analyse the causes, mechanisms and impacts of international migration and the integration of immigrants. Moreover, they also study the development of the Czech migration policy.

The research is based on a multidisciplinary approach with an emphasis on the geographic aspects of international migration and adaptation, and it is mainly conducted using a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods.

Main Capabilities

Analysis, consulting and/or assistance in dealing with the following issues

- Migration, integration and development policy

- Environmental risk

- Adaptive strategies

- Local integration of foreigners

- Training of civil servants and workers in the governmental and non-governmental sector in these areas

- Teaching and workshops in these areas for students and pupils on all school levels

Key Research Equipment

Modern technology for working with large data sources and their thorough analysis (SPSS, GIS) as well as for producing the outputs (plotters for large-size printing, scanners)

Partnerships & Collaborations

Academic Partners

Dartmouth College | Hong Kong Baptist University | Warsaw University | Research Institute for Labour and Social Aff airs in Prague and Brno | Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences | International and European Forum on Migration Research

Private and Public Sector

International Organization for Migration (IOM), Prague | Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic, Department of Asylum and Migration Policy | Ministry of Labour and Social Aff airs of the Czech Republic | People in Need, Czech Republic

Main Projects

- Czech Science Foundation project: “Moldovans in Prague (Czechia) and Torino (Italy) – migratory and integration patterns, financial and social remittances under scrutiny”, (2016–2018)

- Visegrad Fund Project: “Ukraine’s Migration Monitoring: Forced and Labour Mobility” (2015–2016)

- Visegrad Fund Project: “Forecasting Migration Between the EU, V4 and Eastern Europe: Impact of Visa Abolition” (coordinated by the Centre for Eastern European Studies, Warsaw) (2013–2014)

- Czech Science Foundation Project: “Migratory relations of foreigners (and majority) in the Czech Republic: concentration or difussion processes?”, (2012–2014)

- Czech Science Foundation Project: “Migration and development – economic and social impacts of migration on the Czech Republic and Ukraine (with a focus on the analysis of remittances)” (2010–2012)

- IDEA Project: “Mediterranean and Eastern European Countries as New Immigration Destinations in the EU” (6th European Community Framework Programme) (coordinated by the University of Warsaw, Warsaw) (2007–2009)

- PROMINSTAT Project: “Promoting Comparative Quantitative Research in the Field of Migration and Integration in Europe” (6th European Community Framework Programme) (coordinated by the International Centre for Migration Policy Development, Vienna) (2007–2009)


Membership in the European IMISCOE network (International Migration, Integration and Social Cohesion, see

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Experts and their department

Prof. RNDr. Dušan Drbohlav, CSc.

Department of Social Geography and Regional Development


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