Research Centre for Cultural and Historical Geography


- Assessment and evaluation services

- Formulation of strategies

- Consultancy and advice for policy and decision making

- Design appropriate tools and methods

- Compose working materials and guidelines

- Provide education in areas mentioned above

Know-how & Technologies

The research team is interested in cultural, historical and religious geography, environmental history and their overlapping with regional geography, focusing particularly on issues of:

- Regional identity, image formation and mediation and place branding

- Heritage, culture, and religion

- Landscape and settlement transformations

- Institutionalization of regions and regional development

- Boundaries, borderland, cross-border and peripheral areas

We are looking for cooperation with academic and educational institutions, state organizations, public institutions, non-governmental organizations and civic initiatives dealing with regional development, heritage management, regional promotion, education and science popularization.

Content of Research

Team members focus on cultural, historical and religious geography and related fields of interest (e.g. regional geography, environmental history, regional development). The research interests of the team reside in several mutually interconnected research areas, especially (regional) identities, the perception of regions,

their formation and impact on regional development.

Furthermore the team focuses on long-term landscape and settlement transformations and their present reflection in the heritage and development of particular regions. A vital part of research is dedicated to religious issues in relation to population differentiation as well as landscape and heritage formation. The interdisciplinary approach of the team is based on a fruitful linkage between historiography, geography, and other disciplines. Research team members are experienced in combining quantitative and qualitative techniques, and in participatory approaches to regional development practice, planning and public education.

Main Capabilities

- Formulating development strategies for localities and regions

- Formulating strategies of identification and management of heritage and landscape

- Designing tools for promotion and branding of regions and localities

- Designing tools for preservation and utilisation of heritage

- Providing public education and organizing educational events

- Enhancing networking and communication among stakeholders within regions

- Providing methodological support for participatory approaches to development

- Identifying and evaluating territorial development potential and cultural capital

- Analysing and assessing the image and perception of places and regions

- Analysing old maps, developing and application of historical GIS

- Providing advisory, consultancy and review services in the above mentioned areas

Key Research Equipment

The research team disposes of equipment enabling field research, software tools for processing and presentation of datasets (Arc-GIS, SPSS, AtlasTi) as well as unique datasets (e.g. database of deserted settlements in Czechia, database of historical administrative units in Czechia), data from large-scale questionnaire surveys, field observations and interviews.

Partners and collaborations

Academic partners

Institute of History, The Czech Academy of Sciences, v.v.i., Czechia | The Silva Tarouca Research Institute for Landscape and Ornamental Gardening, Czechia | Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem, Czechia | University of Ostrava, Faculty of Arts, Department of Czech Language, Czechia | University of Bamberg, Department of Geography, Germany | University of Bonn, Germany

Private and Public Sector

Ministries of the Czech Republic (of Agriculture; of Education, Youth and Sports; of the Environment; of Regional Development); regional offices and representatives | Local action groups and euroregions (e.g. Euroregion Glacensis, Poland – Czechia) | Museums (e.g. Sokolov Museum, Czechia)

Main Projects

Historical geography research centre 2012–2018, Czech Science Foundation, project of research excellence (

- Development, transformation and differentiation of religion in Czechia in the context of global and European shifts 2013–2015, Czech Science Foundation

- Formation of spatial identities in areas with intensively changed landscape: the case of North-Western Bohemia 2012–2014, Czech Science Foundation

- Local identity of the Green of Rural Settlements 2011–2014, Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic

- Czech borderland after Schengen: self-sufficient, oscillatory or transit region? 2009–2012, Academy of Scien-ces of the Czech Republic

- Pilgrimage sites as a feature of the cultural heritage of Czech society and their role in the reproduction of spatial identities 2010–2012, Charles University Grant Agency


- Applied research and cooperation with regional stakeholders, including international and cross-border cooperation

- Popularization of research outcomes through textbooks, expositions and atlases

- One of the key leaders in the field of historical geography in Czechia with international recognition; maintaining a vital cooperation between geography and historiography

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Experts and their Department

Assoc. Prof. RNDr. Pavel Chromý, Ph.D.

RNDr. Tomáš Havlíček, Ph.D.

Department of Social Geography and Regional Development


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