Laboratory of Drug Metabolism, Interactions and Resistance

"We are open to a wide spectrum of collaboration with academic partners as well as with partners from applied research, industry and agronomy."


Drug Metabolism Studies in Vitro and/or in Vivo

- Antiproliferative and toxicity tests using various cultures of immortalized cells

- Tests of hepatotoxicity of drugs and other xenobiotics

- Preparation and incubation of precision-cut liver and intestinal slices

- Isolation and cultivation of primary cultures of hepatocytes

- Preparation of subcellular fractions (animal and human organs, parasites, plants, cell cultures)

- Assays of enzyme expression and enzymatic activities

- Identification of metabolites of drugs and other xenobiotics

Drug Resistance Studies in Helminths

- In vivo animal studies

- Isolation of helminths from infected hosts

- Ex vivo cultivations of helminths

- Coprological testing


- Drug biotransformation and transport studies in humans, animals, parasitic helminths and plants

- Effect of drugs, dietary supplements, natural compounds and other xenobiotics on expression and activity of drug-metabolizing enzymes

- Pharmacodynamics mechanisms of drug resistance in helminths

Research Area & Excellence

- Identification of metabolites of drugs and other xenobiotics in humans, animals, parasitic helminths and plants

- Toxicity and interactions of natural substances/ food supplements with drugs

- Mechanisms of drug resistance in parasitic helm inths

Key Research Equipment

- Accredited vivarium

- Cell and tissue laboratory

- Laboratory for isolation and cultivation of helminths

- Laboratory for molecular biology (electrophoresis, Western blotting, qPCR)

- Analytical devices (spectrophotometers, spectrofl uorimeters, HPLC, LC/MS)


Publications in respected international journals.

"Our mission is to get better knowledge of fate of drugs in various organisms and the factors that could affect drug efficacy and safety.“

Partnerships & Collaborations

Main Projects

- 18-08452S “Anthelmintics in plants – interactions with polyphenols biosynthesis and antioxidant defence”

- 18-07724S “Circulation of anthelmintics in environment – does it contribute to drug resistance development in helminths?“

- 18-09946S “Metabolism of terpenes and mechanisms of their toxic effects in human liver“

- 18-07281Y “In vitro and ex vivo models to study drug-drug interactions of antiviral drugs on intestinal transporters“

- 17-11954Y “UDP-glycosyltransferases in Haemonchus contortus – players in drug-resistance?”

- No. P303/12/G163 “Centre of drug – dietary supplement interactions and nutrigenetics”

- UNCE18/SCI/012 “Centre of research of hosts-parasites interactions“

- PRIMUS/17/SCI/4 “Úloha mikroRNA v lékové rezistenci hlístic”

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Experts and their department

Prof. Ing. Barbora Szotáková, Ph.D.

Department of Biochemical Sciences


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