In Vivo Evaluation of Antituberculotic Activity

"In vivo evaluation of antituberculotic activity of agents with efficacy against Mycobacterium tuberculosis we developed and verified, is now available for you."


- We offer our newly established method for commercial testing of samples and processing of the final report which involves: number of M. tuberculosis CFU in lungs and spleen in LMWC-treated mice and all the control mice with strandard treatment and without treatment

- We would like to offer you the cooperation in form of contract research secured by MTA agreement

- We are able to prepare an offer exclusively for you and for your needs, according to your specific requirements


- Our group currently pursues research in potential antituberculosis agents based on substituted nitrogen heterocycles with extraordinary antituberculotic activity

- Agents of this group are considerably active (up to 0.03 μmol. l–1) in vitro, indicate very low toxicity in vitro and in vivo, genotoxicity and cytotoxicity

- The Group has all the resources necessary for reliable research, including monitoring of efficacy and toxicity in vivo with all necessary permissions for these activities (Reg. No. 53093/2013- MZE-17214, Act No. 246/1992 Coll.)

- The antitubercular effect of the LMWC is studied after one, two or three months of the administration. On the last day of the treatment period the number of M. tuberculosis colony forming units (CFU) in lungs and spleen are evaluated. The antituberculosis effect of studied LMWC is compared with untreated control and control treated with standard antituberculosis drugs (isoniazid, rifampicin or pyrazinamide) or their combination

- The experimental animals are BALB/c mice

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Prof. PharmDr. Alexandr Hrabálek, CSc.

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