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- System for a long-term monitoring of a health state of patients at home-based environment.

- The software application connects basic sensors for monitoring of blood pressure, heart rate, glycaemia, physical activity, weight, bioimpedance and others, using information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure and data profiles, and makes the data accessible for patients, healthcare professionals and other users, via an informational portal.

- The measured data can be eff ectively used either for a therapy of various chronic diseases or simply for those who has an interest in compliance with healthy life style.

- Implementation of further special algorithms is possible to make more detailed data analysis.

Benefits & Applications

For patients with chronic diseases (e.g. diabetes mellitus)

- Support of self-management of patient´s disease

- Remote control of a patient by a healthcare professional

- Effective treatment and improved quality of life

For healthy individuals

- Helping with the adherence to healthy lifestyle and improving one´s own health state

Components of Telebit

- The system supports intelligent sensoric components with a software application that automaticaly collects measured data and enables its further analysis.

- Tailored set of the components provides the user an overview on his selected health parameters.

- Particular components are able to be combined based upon requirements of a user or resulting consultation with a healthcare professional.

Sensoric components

- Biometric armband

- Blood pressure monitor

- Activity tracker

- Smart scale

- Glucometer

- Intelligent fridge, etc.


The application for diabetics will be released soon – for free download on our website ( or in online stores (AppStore, Google Play, etc.). Other versions will follow.

Team Telebit

- We have a long-term interdisciplinary experiences in the area of medical soft ware and mobile technology implementation.

- The team is composed of specialists from medical and technical universities in the Czech Republic, experts in the area of telemedicine from the Norwegian Center for E-health research, software developers, testers, consultants and students.

Are you interested in this expertise?

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Phone: +420 224 491 255

Experts and their department

Ing. Jan Kašpar

Spin-off Application Centre, The First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague


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