Laboratory of Neurodegenerative Disorders


- Tests of effects of chemical substances including pharmaceuticals on neural function

- Design of the experimental protocol

- Motor and behavioural tests in laboratory mice

- Analysis and statistical processing of the data

- Application of stem cells and chemical substances directly into mouse brain


- Laboratory of neurodegenerative disorders is focused on investigation of cerebellar degenerations.

- Functional impacts of cerebellar damage on motor function as well as cognitive and emotional processes are studied in several mouse models of hereditary cerebellar degeneration.

- The next research area is investigation of experimental neurotransplantation and regenerative therapy of neurodegenerative diseases.

- This research includes in vitro and in vivo studies of the effect of trophic and morphogenetic factors on proliferation and development of neural stem cells.


- Assoc. Prof. Jan CendelÍn, M.D., Ph.D. – Research Group Leader

- Jiřina Babická, M.Sc.

- Filip Tichánek, M.Sc.

- Jan Tůma, Ph.D., MSc.

- Assoc. Prof. František Vožeh, M.D., Ph.D.

Cost action membership

- BM0901 – European systems genetics network for the study of complex genetic human diseases using mouse genetic reference populations (SYSGENET)

- BM1001 – Brain Extracellular Matrix in Health and Disease (ECMNet)

Selected Publications

- Babuska V, Houdek Z, Tuma J, Purkartova Z, Tumova J, Kralickova M, Vozeh F, Cendelin J.: Transplantation of Embryonic Cerebellar Grafts Improves Gait Parameters in Ataxic Lurcher Mice. Cerebellum: in press

- Kolinko Y., Krakorova K., Cendelin J., Tonar Z., Kralickova M.: Microcirculation of the brain: morphological assessment in degenerative diseases and restoration processes. Rev Neurosci 26: 75–93, 2015

- Cendelin J., Tuma J., Korelusova I., Vozeh F.: The effect of genetic background on behavioral manifestation of Grid2Lc mutation. Behav Brain Res 271: 218–227, 2014

- Cendelin J.: From mice to men: lessons from mutant ataxic mice. Cerebellum & Ataxias 1: 4, 2014

- Purkartova Z., Tuma J., Pesta M., Kulda V., Hajkova L., Sebesta O., Vozeh F., Cendelin J.: Morphological analysis of embryonic cerebellar grafts in SCA2 mice. Neurosci Lett 558: 154–158, 2014

- Cedikova M, Houdek Z, Babuska V, Kulda V, Vozeh F, Zech N., et al.: Fate of two types of cerebellar graft in wild type and cerebellar mutant mice. J Appl Biomed 12: 17–23, 2014

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Experts and their Department

Assoc. Prof. Jan Cendelín, M.D., Ph.D.

Institute of Pathological Physiology


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